Students will be provided with full support both from NCC Education and its accredited partner in Azerbaijan, GRBS. We have gained recognition for quality and student support. Due to our close partnership with NCC Education, we consider that it is of high importance to help students to achieve success in the field of study they choose to pursue. Regardless of type of education , we are trying to seek an individual approach to our students’ needs. Campus is NCC Education’s online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), specifically designed for NCC Education students providing an exclusive area to share and access materials and information needed for study. For example:

• Information about field of study

• Questions related to last exam and scientific works

• Tuition materials

• Education

• Career Zone

• Competitions

Ezine – online student magazine Campus completes your trust for us in education of high quality. We provide students only with high quality tuition materials and by doing this we are trying to help them to make their first steps in their future success. We are trying to make sure that students feel this support constantly throughout their education. Our academic team is always trying to give you valuable advice with the purpose to achieve effective education. Ezine is an online magazine of NCC Education that includes interesting articles, information about competitions, success stories of students , announcement wall and researches on various topics.


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Just like NCC Education, we ,as GRBS also understand the significance of applying modern educational technology and its necessity for students. We provide students with a platform where they can interact with each other, participate in our competitions and contribute to publications. According to a number of surveys, social networking sites help students to develop their technical and creative abilities and as a result, it paves the way for them to become a more successful candidate for job opportunities. Most of our students made their contributions to scientific works all over the world.


Facebook large You can get information about new articles, important dates, documents on Ezine from our facebook page. A number of students share their thoughts and ideas through this discussion platform. Join us today on facebook!